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About Us

Ruang Konsep is a One Stop Digital Marketing Agency based in Bali with a network across Indonesia. We are a space to explore ideas and where creativity takes place. Our focus is to create and deliver art concepts to meet our clients’ needs.


Our Mission Statement

Assisting our clients in turning their ideas into authentic and innovative concept. We aim to develop long-trusting relationships with our clients and moving forward together in achieving their goals.

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In our every interaction, we are listeners first. Using advanced listening tools, we pay attention to what the audience are saying in every channel and platform. We collect these insights so we can connect and create the most effective social media strategy.
Connecting to the audience is what we strive for. We create social campaigns, involving strategic social media planning along with attractive content. Your brand will be engaging with its audience with its own style and charm.
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We will give you solutions to improve your digital marketing strategy through website, social media, email and search engine (SEM & SEO).
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We design for better customer experience. In our creative process we research the customer journey, needs, behaviors, through the brand’s digital touch points to create even better engaging experiences in multiple channels.
Such as websites, mobile applications, products & platforms, digital-to-physical products and the internet of things (IOT).
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Grow your responsive website and mobile application with the latest technology, user friendly, and SEO friendly.
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In this digital era, social media is playing a significant role in our society and brand perception is highly influenced by it. Ruang Konsep offers a full-service in personalized social media management to best fit your brand; starting from collecting insights, lay outing, and building content.
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Providing solutions to further develop your digital marketing strategy through website, social media, email and search engine.
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Creating a memorable impression on your customer is important, as it is a way to distinguish your brand from the rising competition in the market nowadays. We help you in building your brand identity and presenting your company to the public through various platforms, including website design, mobile application, company profiles, logo, brand guidelines and extending the design to business cards, letterheads and more.
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Designing your company’s website and mobile application with the latest and user-friendly technology.

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